A Cord of Three Strands

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)


Quotes I wanted to write about my previous births because I feel those are the typical stories-I did the vaginal with drugs, c-section and out of all of them- my third was the best by far- both physically and mentally. We are so thankful for Mary Ann- if I am blessed with having another baby- I know she will be right by side :) Quotes
Jessica Curtiss

Quotes I was physically in pain and mentally suffering from a bad case of the baby blues. I knew with our third I needed a Doula but beyond that I needed a person that I connected with spiritually. I met Mary Ann and knew that she would take care of me:) She gave my husband the assurance he needed and helped us both thru labor- holding my hips thru each contraction and loving me thru it in a way a mother does. I delivered my baby boy drug free:)Just a few hours after delivering him I was walking around, taking a shower and simply overjoyed. Mary Ann stayed until he nursed and when she left I knew that even though she was leaving, she would forever stay connected to our family. Quotes
Jessica Curtiss

Quotes Mary Ann was so great to have at our birth and throughout the pregnancy! She was always there for any questions I had and was a great prayer support as we went through our journey. Her loving heart and kind compassion made this time extra special, knowing we had her there for us when needed. Our birth was very long, so when Mary Anne got there it was a breathe of fresh air and renewed strength for both my husband and I. She had a calming mothering affect that nurtured my heart and spirit. We were so blessed by her ability to observe the situation and how she anticipated our needs. She has such a servant heart and made me feel like a queen in this special moment. Mary Anne has such anointing for birth and we are so pleased that she was involved in our birth story. We won't have another birth without her! I love, love, love this woman and I know that anyone who makes the decision to have her apart of your story will be immensely blessed! Quotes
Molly Lengeman
Amazing woman of God!

Quotes Mary Ann was there for the birth of our 5th baby, I had never done a completely natural birth before, so with this one she talked with me about doing it all natural, and helped me prepare my mind for it. with my mind made up and her there to give added support, suggesting different positions that made labor easier, applying essential oils, and her encouraging words, well the labor of baby #5 was a lot easier and ALL natural, my husband and I were both very blessed to have her there, because of how well educated she was, informing me of things I would never have thought to ask about, I was so much more peaceful about going into labor, therefor the whole experience was so much better! Quotes
Nancy Petersheim
extremely satisfied Mom

Quotes Mary Anne was our Doula for the birth of our first child who was born about a month ago. We were looking for someone who would be supportive and had a good knowledge base. Mary Anne knows a good amount about birthing as well as pre and post partum issues. She also has a very caring and supportive nature that is a tremendous asset to have in the birthing process. She helped guide and support us in having a completely natural childbirth at a hospital just outside Philadelphia. I was very involved in every aspect of the labor and pregnancy process but having another women there for support was very helpful. I would highly recommend her to any parents looking for a support person to their birthing process. Quotes
Josh Fogary
Satisfied Father

Quotes What an amazing experience it was to have a doula, especially one like Mary Ann! Being a first time mom and knowing what I wanted out of my birth experience it was by far one of the best choices my husband and I could have made to have the support of a doula present. I delivered my son at the Bryn Mawr birth center in Bryn Mawr, Pa. My goal was to have a natural, drug free birth. Having Mary Ann present in the weeks leading up to delivery, in the early stages of labor (which for me lasted about a week!!!!!) and then for active labor and the birthing process was was so wonderful. She impowered me and filled me with so much knowledge to have the kind of birth that I was hoping for. And when it came to the actual birth it was amazing have someone there to fully support what I was doing and to also empower my husband to be present in every part of the process. We had a wonderful delivery and a great experience overall having Mary Ann be our birth coach and doula!!! Quotes
Rosa Smucker

Quotes As labor started to progress leading up to the birth of my third child, Mary Ann came to our home to ease the pain of those mounting contractions. She really took the edge off with warm compresses, essential oils and advice on positions. Mary Ann involved my husband in the entire process, really empowering him to be a part of the whole process instead of feeling like he couldn?t do anything to help. I am so thankful for her support and prayers over the past few months. She truly went the extra mile in the weeks that followed as I had some trouble nursing and went through the death of a close friend. I would never put the word "easy" and "labor" in the same sentence. But having Mary Ann there for the birth of my son put my mind at ease and I believe the labor was shorter because of it. For the full story check out my blog post? http://clover-valley.blogspot.com/2012/10/daniel-brian-joins-family.html Quotes
Empowered Mom

Quotes She stayed in the room until we were all settled and ready for bed. A week later she came and visited our home and was available for breastfeeding and new baby support 24 hours a day. The best decision we made was hiring a doula. To this day we still have a great relationship with Mary Ann and she has become part of our family. I would recommend Mary Ann in a heartbeat to anyone!!! Quotes
part 3

Quotes She made time to talk to me when I had days of doubt and fear and always had the best advice, guidance, and encouragement! The day our baby girl came into the world Mary Ann was right by my side. She held my hand, applied pressure to my back, helped keep me focused during my contractions, read me scripture to encourage me, had her own oils and applied them to my head to keep me awake and the room to help keep me calm and even provided support to for my dear husband who was clueless with what was going on. When I began to push, she was there behind me guiding me and pretty much cheering me on. After birth, Mary Ann not only provided support, but presence. Quotes
part 2

Quotes Why hire a doula? Those were the first 4 words out of my mouth when I got together with a friend who was telling me what her mother did. I never heard of a doula and had no idea what a doula even did. My husband and I had decided we wanted to have an all natural child birth (Lord willing) but had no idea what to expect due to this was our first child. That being said I researched and found that the birth experience from those who had a doula were much more enjoyable. After much talk between my husband and I, we decided that we would see what Mary Ann being a doula had to offer. My husband and I got together with Mary Ann and she instantly made us feel very comfortable. I believe we sat for almost 2 hours just talking to her about all the questions we had and this was just a "pre" get together. When we decided to have Mary Ann as our doula she told me call anytime with any questions or concerns you may have and boy did I take her up on that. Quotes
Sayira Brubaker
First time momma